How Will You Be Remembered?

This is an older article I wrote in 2010... but I think it still rings true today. I heard a line in a movie once that I thought was very profound, “What you do in life, echoes in eternity.” The movie was a fictional account of what an individual did while facing insurmountable odds. Some … Continue reading How Will You Be Remembered?

Who is Responsible for My Safety

Couple of problem areas to discuss today.  Stupidity should have consequences. The results of stupidity should hurt and leave a visible scar to be a constant reminder of what happens when you do stupid things. Signs are often plastered around work sites warning of potential accidents and injuries; “Watch Your Step” “Lift With Your Legs” … Continue reading Who is Responsible for My Safety

Get Angry Only On Purpose

Do you find yourself getting angry when you scan through your Facebook Feed? If so, this could mean two things. One, you need to rethink your “friend” list. Side note, FaceBook friends are not really your “friends.” Some may be real friends, but most don’t even come up to the “acquaintance” bar. I’m not the … Continue reading Get Angry Only On Purpose

It’s Not Them – It’s Us

Throughout the many decades of my active military career and post active military career working for the Department of Defense I have had the privilege of working with some great and sometimes not so great people from all corners of the world; literally.  I’ve worked with people I would trust with my life and I’ve … Continue reading It’s Not Them – It’s Us

The Mental Disorder of Politically Correct.

Being politically correct walks hand-in-hand with and fuels the “woke and cancel culture” that is so prevalent today; plus, the foundation of “politically correct” changes on a daily basis.  Phrases praised today will bring about your public demise on social media tomorrow.  How can anyone live by a set of standards or a code of … Continue reading The Mental Disorder of Politically Correct.

The Puppet Master

“This narrative is an extensively dissected and detailed explanation of a short, and admittedly, flippant response I gave to the post mentioned in the 1st paragraph below.  My original response to the post was, “Wow, you really need to take the blinders off and remove the head-phones.”  The original post needed a more elaborate response … Continue reading The Puppet Master

Mistakes should hurt…

Mistakes should hurt; there should be scares.  Mistakes should have consequences.  The person who made the mistake should be held accountable at whatever level of recompense required to account for an irresponsible action.  That could mean anything spanning jail time to having to say, “I’m sorry.”  Realizing you made a mistake should be a defining … Continue reading Mistakes should hurt…