The Puppet Master

“This narrative is an extensively dissected and detailed explanation of a short, and admittedly, flippant response I gave to the post mentioned in the 1st paragraph below.  My original response to the post was, “Wow, you really need to take the blinders off and remove the head-phones.”  The original post needed a more elaborate response … Continue reading The Puppet Master

Mistakes should hurt…

Mistakes should hurt; there should be scares.  Mistakes should have consequences.  The person who made the mistake should be held accountable at whatever level of recompense required to account for an irresponsible action.  That could mean anything spanning jail time to having to say, “I’m sorry.”  Realizing you made a mistake should be a defining … Continue reading Mistakes should hurt…

A Prelude Ignored

A recent post on FaceBook made reference to a Senator who tested positive for COVID-19 and the multitude, rather than wish the Senator well, blasted the Senator for having ready access to the COVID-19 test kit.  Several comments made reference akin to, “…my friend’s mother knows a co-worker whose cousin read an article about a … Continue reading A Prelude Ignored

“Oh Yea, well what about…!”

I’ve thought long on this, but I can’t say I’ve thought long and hard.  I’m not going to add a bunch of links to support premises listed because, as you will see if you read this, people are not interested in facts.  They want only those bits of information that support their illusion.  Will also … Continue reading “Oh Yea, well what about…!”

A Jerk – To Be or Not To Be

Traits like honor, integrity, compassion, and respect are not traits you, all of a sudden, decide to accept as personal traits on a particular day and go forth from that point on as a person worthy of being identified as owning these traits. These traits are developed and honed over time through actions and deeds … Continue reading A Jerk – To Be or Not To Be