Master Your Ride

Being the master of your ride is all about skill… or is it? Every rider, even the newest rider, knows how to apply the brakes and slow down or come to a complete stop, they can shift gears and twist the throttle one way or another to add speed or facilitate a slight reduction in … Continue reading Master Your Ride

Zen – Part 2

  Regardless, whether you ride solo or with a group there are standard safety practices that must apply. Tire pressure, chain or belt tension, functional lights, mirrors and personal protective gear to name a few all apply. Some riders take these safety issues seriously and others give it them a casual thought. It all comes … Continue reading Zen – Part 2

Zen – Part 1

Ideas set forth in this series of articles are personal in nature and do not reflect the opinion of any particular club, any state law (unless specified) nor the opinion of that State Trooper who just wrote you a ticket for some seemingly unnecessary reason. For a biker the only thing cooler than seeing a … Continue reading Zen – Part 1

Zen and the Art of Group Riding

If given a choice of riding with a group or riding solo I would prefer to ride solo. However, there are some caveats to that. If riding in a benefit or a community event then the group dynamic is probably what you are going to engage. If I know all the riders in the group … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Group Riding

Solitary – Without The Confinement

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge: an annual endurance ride exceeding an average of 9,000 miles. Those who step out and accept the challenge are a very small percentage of the riding community. Some who attempt it do not succeed. Hoka Hey is a call to action and is an Oglala Lakota Native American Indian term … Continue reading Solitary – Without The Confinement