Maybe A Bit Bogus

Last night I wrote a short bit for this blog and was going to post it but lost connectivity at the house.  Sadly that happens all too often as I live in the quiet solitude of the country and connectivity comes from a satellite dish.

I think I am glad I did not post it because it gave me time to realize that, in reality, parts of the edition were bogus. Here is a portion of what I wrote:


…but for the most part, I do not write for others.  I write for myself.  Call it therapy or call it self-indulgence… Call it what you will and I will take no offense.  I have very thick skin; so much so that I have to remove a layer or two to figure out people are making fun of me.

I have written a few short fictional stories and couple of short articles based on what I have seen or how I perceive things.  It is really not my intent to be published…


Now, here’s the bogus part.  To say I do not write for others and do so with little care of whether someone likes it or not, or that I care not if I am published, is really a bit of a lie.  Nobody wants to expend energy writing articles that are never read; total waste of time.  In truth I would enjoy the knowledge that people appreciate what I write and take it to heart because it is (usually) the heart from whence it comes.  How many of us make a comment on Facebook and go back 5 minutes later to see who commented and what they said?  We, although we may not admit it, are hurt if nobody replies.  We want to be noticed, we want to be appreciated and we want to be people of worth.

If my book, “Solitary – Without The Confinement” sells only a few copies I am sure I will be hurt as I have wasted all that time writing, editing, re-writing and we won’t even mention the amount of money spent getting it published.  I did not have enough faith in my efforts to have my book picked up by a publisher so I opted to go with the self-publish approach; which is not cheap.  I know my book will sell at least 100 copies because that is the amount of books I plan to buy once it hits the streets.  But purchasing my own book will not pay on my investment.

Bottom line… I want my book to sell because I believe it has something to say.  I believe it has a message for those who may be wandering.  I truly hope you buy a copy for two reasons.  One, I think you will enjoy reading it.  Two, I think it may help some find a path that may have eluded them… plus, I want my money back… OK, that was three.  Hey, it’s my BLOG I can say what I want.

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