Give Thanks??? FOR WHAT!!!!

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. We live in one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the world. However, there are some who do not understand just how well they have it. A few years ago I was in Iraq and I was talking with a man who was born and raised in a … Continue reading Give Thanks??? FOR WHAT!!!!

Push Your Boundaries

When was the last time you pushed your boundaries? What can we claim as a victory if there was no risk to the endeavor? Many are content to spend their days in a routine; get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to sleep… day after day after day, week after … Continue reading Push Your Boundaries

The Inevitable Crash

As we ride we know calamity is just a matter of time. Murphy’s Law says, “If you ride you will crash."  It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when and how bad.  We can take available Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses and we can ride with the right attitude. We can also … Continue reading The Inevitable Crash

The Cost of Commitment

We all associate ourselves with something. Call it a need to belong, a need for recognition, a self assurance, or just because we like the people in that particular arena. Some wear some type of indicator on their clothing or tattoo their body, or adorn their automobiles with emblems, symbols or decals portraying these associations. … Continue reading The Cost of Commitment

Excerpt from, “Solitary – Without The Confinement”

A short excerpt from my soon to be published book, "Solitary-Without The Confinement" ...There is a memory in my head that is as clear as if it happened this morning. When the grandparent’s house was filled with grandkids it was a special treat to be the one who got to sleep on the couch in the living … Continue reading Excerpt from, “Solitary – Without The Confinement”

The Bumper Sticker Epidemic

It is not my intent to insult, but evidence points to a drastic problem in our society. When I write a BLOG it automatically posts to Facebook. My BLOGs range from 500 to 1000 words which, based on what I have seen, is rather common for a BLOG. I believe, albeit a biased assessment, my … Continue reading The Bumper Sticker Epidemic

Words Speak Louder Than Action

Wait, that’s not right. I can say anything, but if my actions do not bear witness to my words then my words mean nothing. Sadly, sometimes our words paint us into a corner and we fail. Our words out-maneuver our intent. Other times we accept the words of others as truth without first verifying their … Continue reading Words Speak Louder Than Action

That Whisper of a Smoldering Thought

I suspect this happens to us all. During the night, in the fringe between sleep and awake where you are only slightly conscious, a thought will come to you. It may be something about work, a product or process solution that has been in the works for weeks; an answer that has eluded you to … Continue reading That Whisper of a Smoldering Thought

What Riding Can Do For You – Proof Provided

The riding community is a combination of every walk of life, every gender (there are two if you are unsure), every race, nationality and creed. We all ride for different and multiple reasons. The one reason that spans all walks of life is, “for the fun of it.” I’m not an overly intelligent person so … Continue reading What Riding Can Do For You – Proof Provided