The Bumper Sticker Epidemic

It is not my intent to insult, but evidence points to a drastic problem in our society. When I write a BLOG it automatically posts to Facebook. My BLOGs range from 500 to 1000 words which, based on what I have seen, is rather common for a BLOG. I believe, albeit a biased assessment, my BLOGs have worth and make a statement. So it saddens me when only a few (if any) make a comment or click the “like” button. This tells me few if any take the time to read them.

If I post a 5 word comment or a picture that really has no value in the grand scheme of things I will get multiple likes and several comments. Everyone is looking for an answer that will fit on a bumper sticker and that is not going to happen. If you want the truth you will have to work for it; you will have to read more than a bumper sticker.


Do yourself a favor and work for it, get the truth, don’t rely on the cute little posters that are so prevalent on Facebook. Find the answers for yourself and don’t rely on someone else’s bumper sticker. More often than not a bumper sticker is designed to hide the truth, not proclaim it.

5 thoughts on “The Bumper Sticker Epidemic

  1. I read your blogs- but do not always reply. I guess I should reply, so you know I read it. I most always agree with your opinions, but do not feel I have anything additional to add, that would make any sense.


  2. It’s true. People so easily lose interest if something is too long. That is why they make commercials now that are no longer than 15 seconds, then they repeat them immediately in case they didn’t catch someone’s attention in the first 15 sec. This phenomenon also makes it difficult to be a Public School teacher in this day and age.


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