Woodrow W. Keeble 1917-1982 (The Gentle Giant)

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty: Master Sergeant Woodrow W. Keeble distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in action with an armed enemy near Sangsan-ni, Korea, on October 20, 1951. On that day, Master … Continue reading Woodrow W. Keeble 1917-1982 (The Gentle Giant)

December 29th, 1890 – 124 years ago today.

One hundred and twenty four years ago today (DEC 29th 1890) 150 Native Americans were shot dead at Wounded Knee. Some historians estimate the number killed at twice that amount. There is little debate over the fact that regardless of the number of dead, over half were women and children. The event was originally referred … Continue reading December 29th, 1890 – 124 years ago today.

This Blogger’s Nemesis

When I started this blog I made a commitment to myself to blog at least once a week and preferably once a day. Well, the once-a-day thing fell to the wayside rather quickly for obvious reasons—who has time to blog daily? If you blog daily I will assume you do not have a day job … Continue reading This Blogger’s Nemesis

The Object of my Dejection Part 2

If you read "The Object of My Dejection" posted a few days ago you discovered it was a two part narrative. I have been told that, as a way to bring readers back, to leave the audience hanging. Not sure who said it and not sure if it works.   Regardless, here is part 2. I … Continue reading The Object of my Dejection Part 2

The Object of My Dejection

For whatever the reason, I think most guys want to rebuild a classic car. Whether that project results in a hotrod or a refurbishment into an original rendition is irrelevant. I’m no different. I have always wanted to rebuild a classic. Obvious obstacles to this desire are the cost and to a lesser degree the … Continue reading The Object of My Dejection

Is There a Point Here?

Not sure where I’m going with this so I guess you’ll have to read along while I write and see; we’ll both discover the end of this journey together. Slavery and the results thereof are a continual topic of discussion. The tension it causes is often times best measured as off the charts and I … Continue reading Is There a Point Here?

Role Models

Ask any youth who their role model is and more often than not they will name a prominent sports figure. I’ll not delve into the world of steroids or doping or cheating. We can name hundreds of sports figures who were caught and convicted of these and other crimes. Sadly, even after the conviction many … Continue reading Role Models

Democracy vs. Republic

The United States of America is continually (and incorrectly) referred to as a Democracy. Even our politicians refer to us as a Democracy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Well, sadly, I think maybe we have become a Democracy through years of corruption and greed. The Founding Fathers fought for and assembled the foundation … Continue reading Democracy vs. Republic