Blogging – 101

I was reading a lesson plan on blogging today. I think I like blogging (not sure why) so if I plan to do this right I decided I needed to learn from the pros. I must admit I have lived my life with the philosophy of, “reading the manual is a sign of weakness” and more often than not the un-instructed result showed me the errors of that mind-set.

Anyway, one of the exercises outlined in this training guide directed that I write for 20 minutes with no focus, just write. The rules outlined were:

1 – Write with no focus

2 – Don’t cross out anything you wrote

3 – Don’t worry about grammar, spelling or punctuation

4 – Lose control

5 – Don’t think

6 – Don’t get logical

7 – Don’t worry if something may be offense

I reviewed these seven basic rules and came to the conclusion, “This is how I write now; I don’t need to practice writing this way.” I was told to do this every day for a week—seriously? Who has 20 minutes to spare during the day? I may have some spare time on occasion, but everyday… probably not. I guess that is kind of a lie. I could make time, but if I did that I would miss out on watching re-runs of Justified and NCIS.

I was then told to post the gibberish I wrote. Like that’s going to happen. If I immediately posted what I wrote the few followers I do have would drop my like an Ebola invested hamburger. As a rule I will write, then re-write 5 or 6 times before it gets posted and even then I’ll get a quick post from my wife pointing out a mistake; usually a misspelled or ill-used word.

The learning pamphlet provided some generic topics to write about. Ideas ranged from cooking to programming or things that happened today. My expertise in cooking does not go far beyond that which requires a toaster. If I want to get exotic with my cooking I pull out the Hot-Pockets and put them in the oven. Programming? We won’t go there. My days are, for the most part, boring. I would not want to read the boring details of someone’s life, so feel it only kind that I not bore others with mine.

I write because it relieves stress. There are other methods to deal with stress but apparently shooting at people is against the law. I guess there is another reason. It is not like I want to go public with my thoughts. I consider myself a private person. But, if a person wanted to know who Steve Briscoe is they can get a good idea by reading what goes through my mind. Consider yourself fortunate that I do not write everything that goes through my mind—it gets kinda weird in there sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Blogging – 101

  1. Maybe you could write a new blogger manual. That one seems kind of lame to me. 🙂 I’m glad you write. And I’m glad Margie is kind enough to point out grammar “oopses”…what a luxury!

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  2. I’ve always enjoyed your writings and love seeing you put those thoughts down in print. As far as sharing your cooking skills, I do think the history of your fudge should definitely be shared on your blog! It is a classic!


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