Life’s Objectives

Ask anyone what their objective of life is and the number of different responses will equal the number of people you ask. Regardless of your objective, is it attainable? Who sets the mark for your goal and, when set, how difficult is it to attain? If you set an easy goal then it will be easy to attain. If you set a goal that is impossible to attain then the chances of reaching it are problematic.

If you set an easy goal, and it is easily reached, what then? Do you set another easy goal? If you reach your easy goal do you consider your life well spent? Do you become complacent with your accomplishments and relive the day over and over in your mind—feeding on past accomplishments?

If your goal is easy, but blocked by an unexpected obstacle do you set it aside—perhaps move your “meter” back to claim a false win or do you push on?

Easy goals are easy—impossible goals are not easy and can feed a desire to continually strive for the impossible; if you are so minded. Many of us will never change the world, but a few, that few who strive for the impossible, will sometimes change the world. At the very least you will change your little piece of it.


Never take the easy route—take the right route; which is always harder. The only reward for an easy accomplishment is that it was easy. On the hard road you will see and do things most cannot comprehend. Plus, if you stay focused you will see that the impossible is not that impossible after all; it’s only difficult.

Hoka Hey!

One thought on “Life’s Objectives

  1. Nice post. Perspective that I don’t regularly invite in, but such good perspective! I had to ponder my own life and my own goals while reading along. Thanks, Steve.


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