How Did We Get Here?

I was reading an article last night about home and personal protection and, after reading it, wondered how we have come to where we are now.

The Constitution never gave the Government the responsibility for your personal protection. It did, in the Preamble, determine to, “…establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty…”  We can use the phrase “promote general welfare” to justify a local police force but here again that does not necessarily include your personal protection and/or protection of your home and family; it promote the “general” welfare which I take to mean civil order.  It does make reference in Section 4 to offer protection against domestic violence, but the term “domestic violence” is open to interpretation.

Some see domestic violence, used in this context, as a total breakdown of civil order (which we see quite often these days) and others see this as the implementation and given authority of the local police force. I could write volumes on Section 4 alone but won’t, I know many would just stop reading because they don’t care and therein rests our most looming problem; resting comfortably I might add.

OK, I’m sure most are already bored with reading and I congratulate you for coming this far, so let’s get on with the premise here.

At what point did we relegate our right to protect our home, our families and ourselves to the police force? I submit that is not their responsibility; it is ours.  Home invasions are on the rise and you may think yourself immune from this atrocity; until you’re not.  In many of our cities home invasions are common place and I think it pertinent to say cities where home invasions and muggings are common place are also the cities with the strictest gun laws thereby disallowing the fundamental right of personal protection.

We have been lead to believe that the police force is our first line of defense, but they are not and our Law Enforcement Officers will agree with that assessment. If someone breaks into your home, or if someone pulls a gun and starts shooting in a public place the first line of defense is you.  As our world falls apart because of growing civil unrest, because of a growing disrespect for the common good, because of slanted local governments who pick and choose who to protect on any given day, because of an “entitlement mentality” and mainly because of a growing majority who feel it is the government’s responsibility to manage everything (to include their very lives) it has become even more important to cling to your right of personal protection.

1st line of defense
You are your own first line of defense.


The Police will be there to help you, but they will not be there fast enough; you are the first line of defense. Disavow that responsibility and you may regret it.  The only good thing here is you will only regret it for a very short time; from the time a criminal breaks in to the time it takes to kill you; perhaps a couple of minutes.  Which means the assistance afforded to you by the Police Force is reduced to stuffing your remains and the remains of your family into a body bag.

One last thing—the right of personal defense comes with significant responsibilities. It is your responsibility to become proficient in defending yourself and your home.  Carrying a gun (legal concealed carry) may be considered the 1st step, but in fact it’s like step 7 in the process.  What good is your weapon if you do not know how to use it under stressful conditions?  Popping off a few rounds at the range a couple times every year is not being proficient; that’s nothing more than… well, popping off a few rounds.  If you’re in a public place or in your home and someone draws a weapon with the intent to cause harm your first inclination would be to draw your own weapon—but drawing your weapon, depending on the scenario may not be your 1st priority—it might be your 2nd or 3rd required action.  You need to learn these things.  Learn them not and the bad guy just might shoot you with your own gun.  Plus, being armed is not your only nor is it your most important tool.

Want to know more? Good, that’s the 1st and best step to start with.  You can contact me and I can give you more… but don’t contact me unless you are serious about your own protection.  If you want to rely on the government to protect you then that is your right and you are welcome to it; just don’t get in my way when I protect my loved ones.

PS:  When was the last time you actually sat down and read the US Constitution? Not just looked at the 1st page or 2, but actually read it from cover to cover.  Read it yourself and you just might be surprised at what it says.

One thought on “How Did We Get Here?

  1. Very well said. I have said this to more people than I can remember and more times than I can count: The first I call “Freedom’s constant.” It says that because freedom requires personal responsibility, people will do anything they can to avoid being free. The second is “Freedom’s corollary.” It says that if you can convince a man he is free when he is not, he will allow you to do anything you want to him.


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