Facebook – Needed a Break.

Not long ago I got thoroughly disgusted with Facebook. I got so tired of the hate and divide and I decided no longer wanted to be a part of it; at the very least I needed a break. I was good, for the most part, at ignoring the “white privilege” crap and the “I hate Trump” posts and the “if you don’t think like me you’re evil” posts. I also got burned out on all the pictures of what people were having for dinner. But I found myself commenting on the really ignorant memes and that never ends well. So, rather than let the Puppet Master use me I suspended my account.

I’m not saying the Puppet Master is an actual person or a cabal of sinister minded board of directors but I do believe the Puppet Master is real. I see the Puppet Master as a compilation of “group think” types who, for some reason, entertain themselves or are entertained by division and hate. Regardless of who or what the Puppet Master is, I find the concept repulsive.

Contrary to social thought there are no Facebook withdrawal shakes or tremors when you pull the plug.  These past two weeks have been rather productive.  But will admit I missed some of my friends and family.

Facebook has some good points. I got reconnected with old friends, found new ones and certainly Facebook is a great tool to use if you need help, want to help, want to share insight, or share pictures of loved ones who have accomplished great or small things. I even got my high school class ring returned after being lost for over 15 years; how cool is that? Anyway, after two weeks of being off of Facebook I ponder on the wisdom of my action.

I miss the interaction with those I cherish and will admit I miss the pictures that accompany many of the comments made by those I cherish. I resolved to return but return with a new set of rules. Rules that, if followed, will return me to what I have always hoped was the original intent of Facebook. Well, actually the original intent of Facebook can be traced to the currently taboo practice of body-shaming. The original Facebook (called Facemash) was shut down a few days after it went on line by Harvard executives and Zuckerberg faced expulsion from Harvard University for breach of security, violating copyrights, and individual privacy. He, Zuckerberg, launched a new site called TheFacebook but found himself again in trouble when some Harvard seniors claimed he had stolen their idea for a social networking site. That claim was settled out of court. There’s more to the story but suspect if you want to know more you will dig into it on your own, you don’t need me for that.

OK, where was I? Bit of a rabbit hole there. I’ll crawl out of the “rabbit hole” with a final comment on this sidebar subject; Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard.

So, the ”original” original intent is not my intent, not interested in body-shaming. In my mind I see the original intent as bringing people closer together. It has failed at that but only because we have allowed it to fail at that.

I will endeavor to abide by my new set of rules and hopefully will not suffer an abundance of setbacks. Feel free to call me out if you see my strings tugged by the Puppet Master. But do it nicely, sometimes I don’t play well with others. We all have good days and bad days. I won’t make light of your bad days if you don’t make light of mine.

2 thoughts on “Facebook – Needed a Break.

  1. I keep my fb active with people who are much like Margie, your lovely heart-ed wife. How can i go wrong with that?!!! ha! Safe and secure! That’s how I’ve enjoyed fb so very much and have continued to for all these years. If someone menaces my heart I put them on “unfollow” not wanting to hurt anyone or cut them out, but respecting my own boundaries and what I want from the interaction. I want to love and be loved. At least that is the general rule. haha I have a few stinkers on there that I can’t bare to exclude (relatives mostly).
    I always appreciate the thoughtful life you lead and know that whatever decisions you make on fb will be the best.


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