Giving Up Is Easy – Don’t

As a rule I shy away from political commentary. Most people have a set thought process on politics and no amount of articulated persuasion will change their minds. When you try it usually turns ugly and I get enough ugly when I look in a mirror. However, there are times when I cannot help myself. What good is an opinion if you’re not willing to share it? Most political viewpoints are based on fact or personal experience, or at least I hope that be the case but, in the case of any who think a socialist government is a viable answer, I must question their level of understanding. History paints a very clear picture of a socialist outcome. I cannot help but believe any who want to implement a socialist government has an ulterior motive to control and subjugate, and any who want to embrace a socialist government would willingly accept the government taking care of their every move and are not concerned with what it cost nor who will pay for it. They are not willing to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

I must also question any who believe abortion for the sake of convenience is an acceptable practice. Actually, I question abortion as a viable alternative for any reason. But changing a law will not solve the systematic murder of innocent life; that requires a change of heart. Having said that I think it prudent to stipulate that any who applaud the right to kill an innocent life might be demented.

So, how do you change a heart? The only thing I know for sure is I cannot change the hearts of others. I can only change my own and that requires a daily (even hourly) effort. Nobody can do it for me but I can look to others who have a likeminded desire to be honest, to exercise integrity, and who desire to gain and retain a grasp on compassion toward others. These are the people I choose to associate with and to imitate. By imitating honest people of integrity and compassion I too will gyrate toward the person I should be, a person others would call friend and brother.

We will all answer for the things we’ve done and we will also answer for those things we should have done but failed to do. I often wonder which will be worse. We all stumble and we all falter from time to time, and sometimes we fail miserable; I just don’t want to fail on purpose or be the person who cares not if failure becomes the norm. Nor do I want to be the person who refuses to take responsibility for my own actions. I want to be that person who is sought after by that person who wants a role model, someone they can look to for guidance and life changing direction.

Dont Give UpHow we will be remembered is unknown to us, but we can strive to be a person of worth, we can strive to be part of a solution, and we can always desire to be better today than we were yesterday. You are going to want to give up; giving up is easy. Don’t. You may think it’s impossible, but it is only impossible if you quit.

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