Tunnel Vision

For those who may not know, tunnel vision describes an event when a person is so focused on a specific area they are oblivious to everything else around them.  This is very dangerous when you come face to face with a lethal encounter or if you inadvertently place yourself in an insecure or unsafe environment.  You are so focused on what you perceive to be the main threat that you are oblivious to the real threat, and in some cases multiple threats that are are solely focused on you.  An official definition uses the phrase, “…defective sight…” in the description.  Another definition, “…tendency to focus exclusively on a single or limited goal or point of view excluding any opposing vantage point…”  Other phrases associated with tunnel vision are, “narrow perspective, constricted vision, or tubular vision.”

In some cases there are medical conditions that case an actual restriction of vision; see your doctor for treatment.  In most cases tunnel vision, at least this particular aspect of tunnel vision, is self-inflected based on a strong, and often tainted, point of view formulated with the use of only some of the facts, half truths, Tunnel_Vision_1and disinformation combined do not support your viewpoint.  With regard to self-infected tunnel vision there is no need to see your doctor; your doctor can’t help you, but there is a need to self-diagnose and act accordingly.  Most will not take the time to self-diagnose because, in their mind, they do not suffer from tunnel vision.  Therein resides the problem.  “I’m right, everyone else is obviously wrong.

If you are courageous enough to self-diagnose and are courageous enough to seek a remedy then keep reading.

Our Nation is being ripped apart by self-serving, self-appointed, and often destructive forces.  These forces are not limited to the left nor the right of center.  Regardless of where you reside, relative to center, there is a danger of being used by these forces.  If you agree with the far left (White supremacy runs rampant!!!) you are compelled to hate the right, if you agree with the far right (Trump can do no wrong!!!) you are compelled to hate the left.  This compulsion is fueled by an agenda driven media from both ends of the spectrum; this cannot be denied.

Based on current mindsets, who in their right mind would spend millions on a movie (The Hunt) depicting “liberal elites” hunting down and killing “deplorables” (a term used to describe conservatives) for sport?  The only reason a movie like this would be made is to fuel hate and distrust.  Why would either side, left or right, allow such a thing to be created under the guise of “entertainment.”

We are being played and if we continue to allow it there will be serious consequences for us all.  I have to believe if a movie were made where conservative “red-necks” hunted liberals the backlash and outcry would be deafening; as it should be.

We suffer from tunnel vision and until we are willing to discuss, calmly discuss, our differences, our beliefs, our concerns, our misconceptions, and our personal views we will continue to suffer. Tunnel_Vision_2 Based on present day societal norms if we disagree on a single topic then those norms dictate we hate each other.   We are being played.

We are all intelligent enough to see the disparity, but are we intelligent enough to see our part in that disparity. Are we willing to back off, open our eyes to see the full spectrum of players, and discern the intent of all the players? We are being played… and we are better than that.
PS… If this narrative offends you then I would submit you suffer from tunnel vision.

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