“Oh Yea, well what about…!”

I’ve thought long on this, but I can’t say I’ve thought long and hard.  I’m not going to add a bunch of links to support premises listed because, as you will see if you read this, people are not interested in facts.  They want only those bits of information that support their illusion.  Will also say, this turned out way longer than I intended.

#1 Main stream media proclaims, on a regular basis, that Trump lies about everything.  This statement may be true in several areas, only a fool would claim otherwise.  However, indications are that both Clintons (Bill and Hillary), Obama, and pretty much every person on the planet lies.  But, we focus on Trump lies and care not for Clinton or Obama lies.  Therefore, your indignation obviously has nothing to do with the act of lying; so why are you indignant?

#2 Based on social norms, it is improper to insult a woman about her looks, her size, or how she dresses.  Seems reasonable; it’s rude, adds no value to anything, and is meant only to demean a person or somehow redirect attention from your own faults.  So, why was it OK to shame Sarah Palin and why is it OK to demean our current First Lady?  Some have even gone so far as to make up falsehoods about Sarah and Melania, so they could be shamed about things that were not true. The media ran-amuck with stories about Sarah Palin’s daughter; was the child with down syndrome Sarah’s or her daughter’s?  Tell me how that matters, and what business is it of ours?  It doesn’t matter, but it made for great shaming material.  The real question should be, “Are you ashamed of how she was treated?”  There are claims Melania posed in the nude during her early modeling career.  Can’t say I’ve seen any of the pictures, so not sure it’s true.  Regardless of how factual it is, why do we care?  Madonna has been flashed her boobs at anyone who cares to notice and across the internet for years?  I don’t recall the media ever questioning her moral values.  If any made a single derogatory remark about Michelle, about anything whether true or not, they were automatically labeled intolerant, racist, bigot, chauvinist… the list is endless. Why is it OK to shame Sarah or Melania but not OK to shame Michelle?  The world I was raised in taught me it was not OK to shame anyone.  If you were indignant about those who shamed Michelle, but were not and are not indignant about the shaming of Sarah and Melania, then your indignation holds no value and is false and obviously meant to redirect attention from your own faults, or the faults of those you hold in high esteem.  Little side note here, the left has even gone so far as to try and shame Barron, President Trump’s son.  I’m curious, how low do you have to stoop to shame a 10-year-old boy?  (Point of order, Barron is now 13 years old as of Jan 2020)

#3 The left has been trying, since day one, to impeach President Trump.  Can’t say I can put my finger on the exact charges, because the official charges change on a regular basis.  But, facts state those who want to impeach have in fact committed the very crimes they want to lay at Trump’s feet.  The President is not above the law, neither are they.  When those public officials, who have committed crimes, stand before a court, then I will support the investigation of an impeachment process of the President.

#4 Any person in possession of any level of common sense would have to admit President Trump’s track record with women is, at best, faulty.  The left has taken his fault to an entirely new level of comical indignation, while completely ignoring and even defending the same fault of others.  President Clinton’s track record was no better, and in some cases worse, but there was little, if any, indignation or personal horror about the plethora of women who came forward to file legal action against him because of unwanted sexual exploits.  This clearly indicates to me a President’s conduct toward women is not the issue here.  So please, tell me what the issue is?

#5 Several legitimate data repositories, including official government sites, state the White House budget has been reduced over the past three years.  Rates of reduction range from 25% to 75% in operating costs depending upon which site you gather data.  I see, on a regular basis, main stream media will make mention of how Melania dresses, and the cost of those dresses.  Several sites state the Trumps pay for their clothing from personal funds.  Not sure how true that is, but what is true is, Trump donates his salary.  I don’t recall Obama or Clinton donating their salary, and it is a fact that taxpayers paid extravagantly for the clothing of Michelle and Hillary; and continue to do so.  I’m sure you will say something along the lines of, “Well, Trump is a millionaire. He should pay for things, and he should donate his salary.”  Yes, he is a millionaire. What I want to know is, how did Clinton and Obama become millionaires while in office?  That question can be raised about pretty much anyone in office.  The point here is the extravagance of Obama and the Clintons was ignored and the taxpayer paid the bill.  During the Trump years, that extravagance has been greatly reduced, but the left wants to portray the current frugalness as an extravagant waste perpetrated by the Trumps.  Just makes no sense to me.

#6 Let’s talk about how Obama doubled the national debt in less than eight years.  Now you can stammer and stutter, while citing a number of data repositories, and twist the figures any way you want, but the fact is, we are in excess of $19 Trillion in debt.  Here are some numbers to compare.  In 2007 the Debt/GDP ratio was 62%; 2008 – 68%; 2009 – 83%; 2010 – 90%; 2011 – 95%; 2012 – 98%… in 2016 it was 105%.  In 2017 it dropped to 103%.  In all fairness to facts, the Debt/GDP ratio went back up to 106% in 2019.  So, the 1st 4 years of Obama, it went from 68% to 99%; a 31% increase, and a subsequent increase of 7% the following 4 years for a total of 38% increase.  Yes, 38% is not double, but that only accounts for the increase in borrowed money, the rise of taxes during the 8 years keep the percentage from increasing more than it did.  So, the extra tax money collected from the working class was spent (frivolously I suspect) to keep from borrowing money; but we did borrow money exponentially each year, as indicated by the percentages.  Take the adjusted percentages for each year and it doubled the national debt; Sep of 2006 it was $7.9 Trillion — Sep of 2016 it was $19.5 Trillion.  Again, in all fairness to facts, as of Sep 2019 the debt has risen to $22.7 Trillion.  In Obama’s 1st year he raised the debt by over $2 Trillion.  The debt has raised $2 Trillion since Obama left office but that increase accounts for three years of the current Administration.  The first three years  of the Obama Administration accounted for an increase from $7.9 Trilllion to $15 Trillion; that alone almost doubled the debt.  These are all facts that come from non-government-controlled entities; not from U.S. Government sites or Pro-Trump news outlets.

How would you react if Trump doubled our debt during his first three years?  How would you react if Trump demanded you purchase a product you didn’t want or could not afford?  How would you react if Trump said he was going to change a process that would save you 50% of what you pay now, but after it was done, the cost doubled?  Even after the cost doubled, Trump would then make you pay a fine if you didn’t buy the product and pay the outrageous fee.  How would you react?

Not so very long ago, U.S. Officials in Benghazi were attacked.  Prior to the attack, there were several requests through official channels to increase security and make needed security changes.  The U.S. State Department ignored those requests, and in fact, pulled a portion of security from the two sites in question.  The ultimate attack resulted in 4 dead U.S. patriots.  During the attack, multiple calls for help went unanswered by the U.S. State Department.  After the attack, the entire incident was blamed on a “vile” video that was meant to shame the Islamic religion; basically, the Obama Administration provided a viable excuse for the attack.  We know now, that story was a lie from the very beginning.  Hillary, herself, looked straight in the eyes of family members of those who were killed and knowingly lied (see paragraph #1).  The left defended her actions. They were OK with the Obama Administration’s lies, and were perfectly content with her decision to allow the attack to go unanswered, while U.S. personnel were taking direct and in-direct fire.  Let’s not discuss what she did after the attack to those who defended Benghazi with their blood and their lives; those actions are a matter of record that nobody cares about.

There are those on the left who claim Trump lacks a clear understanding of foreign policy as evidenced by his pulling support from the Kurds in northern Syria.  Does that mean you question Obama’s understanding of foreign policy when he pulled forces from Iraq allowing the entire country to be overrun?  What does it say about Obama when he relieved the many generals who did have an understanding of foreign policy, because they questioned his actions?  Asking for a friend.

I really lack the will to go on, as I am convinced it is a useless endeavor.  If you cared about truth, you already know these things.  If you willingly hide behind your façade, you are not interested in the truth and prefer to accept bits of information that support your illusion.

I want to go on record here and say I did not specifically vote “for” Trump.  I think he is arrogant and egotistical; most great people are, but that does not mean I think Trump is a great man.   I think he loves this country, and will do everything he can to make it prosper and remain secure.  He lacks vocabulary, but I’m not so sure that is either good or bad.  Obama had great vocabulary, if he was behind a teleprompter… the media portrayed him as a great orator, but honestly, I never saw it.  Regardless, vocabulary alone does not make a great president; it makes a person with great vocabulary.  I think President Carter had great integrity and was well spoken.  He was probably one of the nicest and most humble individuals to ever be president; those were the main reasons I voted for Carter.  But I was wrong; he was a lousy president.  During his presidency, this nation died as an economic power.  If you were of age during that time, you will remember businesses dropping like dead flies.  Iron and steel foundries, both big and small, shut down and disappeared across the country, home mortgage interest rates climbed as high as 13%, and in some places 18% during his presidency.  I’m not saying a man of integrity cannot be president; but in this case the man of integrity was the worst choice.  We’ll not discuss the Iran Hostage scenario.  Again, I did not specifically vote “for” Trump.  I voted against a socialist government. I voted against a government that intended to control my very existence. I voted against a government that felt it was their right to force me to purchase a product regardless of my desires.  I voted against a government who felt it was their right to lie to me so as to protect themselves or their dynasty.  I voted against a government that allows specified lawlessness to run rampant and unchecked for a select few within the halls of our Capital; I voted against a government that allows the same select few to bring charges against others for doing the same thing they do as a matter of policy.  I voted against a government that believes it is a fundamental right to kill an unborn child, while at the same time use the death of an innocent child as an avenue to demonstrate indignation when it suits their agenda.  I voted against a government that vehemently rejects a mention of Our Creator in their political platform.

Point of order about the portion on President Jimmy Carter.  The far right was quick to point out Billy Carter, the creator of Billy Beer, and Ruth (Carter) Stapleton the evangelical faith healer as “Carter” oddities.  Suffice it to say, isolated selection of ridicule is not limited to the left.  Plenty enough blame to span both ends of the spectrum.

Summary; it is obvious to me, the “act” is irrelevant; it is “who” does the act that matters.  If it is OK for one, then it is OK for all – if it is not OK for one, it is not OK for all.  Convince me otherwise and I will give you a dollar.


If your reply starts with anything resembling, “Oh Yea, well what about…!” then you have missed the point, and may very well be what plagues parts of this nation.  You cannot condemn an act of one, while ignoring the same act from another.

2 thoughts on ““Oh Yea, well what about…!”

  1. Spot on Steve. I believe much of this stems from when they stopped teaching the constitution in school and took prayer out of school. Just my thoughts.


    1. This was a great read Steve, and the truth. But, the truth is Steve that there is a large number of people today that do not seek the truth. They just choose to believe what the liberal press tells them instead of seeking out the truth, and this is dividing and destroying this great nation that we love and have served!! Sad.


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