A Prelude Ignored

A recent post on FaceBook made reference to a Senator who tested positive for COVID-19 and the multitude, rather than wish the Senator well, blasted the Senator for having ready access to the COVID-19 test kit.  Several comments made reference akin to, “…my friend’s mother knows a co-worker whose cousin read an article about a guy whose girlfriend had symptoms but couldn’t get a test…”  Obviously I’ve applied a bit of literary freedoms with that bit, but you get the idea.

I, being a person who has the right to an opinion, commented on the post…

“Understand completely and agree… hopefully those who want a socialist government are watching. If you think the government ignores you now, wait until we get the socialist government everyone seems to be pining for. You think it’s hard to get tested now, wait until your socialist government takes control of things. If you have no specialty, or are not ultra-special in some unique way, then you are of no value and are ultra-expendable. They will weigh the cost of care with what you have to offer in return. This is not fearmongering, nor is it doom and gloom prophecy, it is history retold again and again. And, most important, it has nothing to do with who is seated in the Oval Office; push the Trump Hate Train all you want, you’ve been played. Welcome to the new world.”

Of course, there was an almost immediate response that ignored the entirety of my comment, except “…the man in the Oval Office…” part.  The momentum of the “Trump Hate Train” cannot be stopped by truth or fact nor can it even be discussed using the rules of civil debate; one side always goes “junk yard dog” sooner or later.  We’ll ignore the responses as, like I say, they are fueled by Trump Hate and seldom use fact or conscious thought as a premise.

The premise of my comment was how a socialist government will treat you during such times. I’m not privy to any decision made about the purchase or stock pile of COVID-19 test kits or respirators.  However, common sense would, should one ever consider using it, lead to a belief that, like many other medical tests, the COVID-19 test is good for testing COVID-19 and not much use for anything else.  There may be some crossover for some, but not likely is there anything out there that is, “one test fits all” product.  However, the purchase of, or who was responsible for the failure to purchase are not really what I want to discuss.  Some of you are smart and, based on the title and the preamble, already know where I’m going with this.


History has documented over and over again, the population that is overwhelmingly controlled by the government (regardless of what kind of government), is the same population that will be ignored during a crisis; if you are not in the “inner circle” you are not considered and pushed aside (unless of course you’re armed).  As I stated in the comment that preempted this narrative, “…you think the government ignores you now, wait until we get your socialist government…”  This is a prelude that can, if you give it the chance, give you a glimpse of how the government is going to treat you the closer and closer we get to socialist rule.  A prudent person would give this a moment of pause and contemplate, for themselves, what is the probable outcome when one person has absolute power over another.  Don’t dwell on what you would do, dwell instead on what others will do given control over you; two totally different perspectives, two totally different outcomes.  I will also submit, if you do dwell on what “you” will do, you’re wasting your time.  Chances are you like your neighbor, chances are you get along well and share on a regular basis, chances are you would never consider hurting your neighbor.  But, if your neighbor has food and you do not and your neighbor stands between your child starving to death or living just one more day, then chances are you will see your neighbor as an obstacle that must be eliminated at all costs; comes from an ability to justify a wrong and see it as a right.  You might think yourself special, and caring, and all compassionate, but given the right circumstances, and no moral absolute, you would end your neighbor for a sack of rice. Let’s move on.

Even that part of the government the leftist cling to as their guiding light and the ultimate champion of their cause have set aside the “concern for public health” and are using the pandemic to impose controls that far outreach what the U.S. Constitution allows and, if imposed, will do nothing to curb, slow down, or eradicate the pandemic.  The hijack of the coronavirus stimulus should be a clear indicator of their ultimate intent… but it is not, many make excuses for their behavior.  An article in the USA Today laid it out clearly.  Of course, this is the European version of the USA Today so your USA Today may say something completely different; I’ve come to the conclusion the USA Today is not wholly owned by a single minded entity, but rather separately owned by an assortment of entities that span the spectrum from factual conclusion stemming from logical thought all the way over to confused utterances stemming from willful ignorance.

We have become so focused on the difference between the extremes of left and right, that we now believe everyone is at one extreme or the other and are the root of all calamity and deserve to be hated; there is no middle, there is no common ground. In our left or right focus we have forgotten there is actually an up and a down and there is a right and there is a wrong.  And, these “rights and wrongs” are absolute.  We’ve convinced ourselves there are no longer firm principles, but rather varying degrees of right and wrong; it may be wrong for one person, but depending on how they were raised, or a particular set of circumstances, it’s not wrong for another person.  “It was my right to attack my neighbor and steal what they had., my child was hungry.”  Contrary to this not so new revelation, a belief in the shifting concepts of right and wrong do not sway the factual bearing of where right and wrong reside.  If this confuses you, look up the word “Absolute” in your Webster.  I recommend using a Webster that is at least 30 years old.  Newer versions of Webster, and for sure and certain Google search engine, have modified definitions to accommodate the weak and gullible.  We must stop taking for granted what our chosen political party or our trusted news source tells us; if we are not capable of thinking for ourselves, regardless of which end or at what point within the scope of the spectrum we reside, we will all fall under the heavy yoke of tyranny.  That tyranny will see us as a commodity and if we, in their eyes, have no tradeable and reusable commodity, we will be considered sub-human and the controlling class will have no need to protect us, no need to feed us, and will certainly feel no obligation to provide us with medical care.  “They will weigh the cost of care with what we have to offer in return.”  In fact they may go so far as to make it illegal to fend for yourself if you do so without their permission.  See Germany, November 8th 1938.

There is no doubt in my mind this country will eventually embrace socialism either legally or by deceit and all these things will come to pass.  However, I do not now nor have I ever put my faith in our government, regardless of who holds the majority.  I put all my faith in the God who created me and His Son who showed me Grace; I’m good with whatever happens.

Final note:  It’s common knowledge that art imitates life; today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s fact.  Way back when the original Star Trek was televised in 1966 they carried a hand held wireless communication device in their pockets, volumes of data were stored on small plastic disks, computers answered you when you spoke to them, and they used prosthesis that could be mechanically manipulated by thought.  Pretty amazing when you try to comprehend such things using a 1966 mindset.  Barring WARP Drive and Teleportation, most of the fiction of yesterday’s Star Trek is now a part of our everyday lives.  Have you ever seen the movie Soylent Green?

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