The Mental Disorder of Politically Correct.

Being politically correct walks hand-in-hand with and fuels the “woke and cancel culture” that is so prevalent today; plus, the foundation of “politically correct” changes on a daily basis.  Phrases praised today will bring about your public demise on social media tomorrow.  How can anyone live by a set of standards or a code of conduct when the “rules” change so rapidly?  The obvious answer to this glaring question is, “You can’t.”

Thomas Paine, one of the Founding Fathers, said, “He who does not offend, cannot be honest.”  Actually, I’m not sure if he said it or if it was a phrase in a published article.  If he said it, someone was taking notes of his oratory which allowed for the notoriety.  Those who take notes on (or record) what we say today do so, in part, to use them against us tomorrow when the “rules” change.

Those who work at being politically correct have a list of words, phrases and actions itemized in columns that are labeled “Acceptable, Unacceptable, or Avoid at all Cost.” Words, phrases and actions shift between these three columns with no warning; even referring to “…Founding Fathers…” is offensive to some and violates today’s PC guidelines.  As a quick sidebar: a question that always comes to mind is, “Who decides?”  Who decides what is acceptable and what is not?  What action facilitates the change from acceptable to totally unacceptable in an instant?  Is it a secret committee who meets for coffee and scones each morning to decide which way to twist the day?  How is this information disseminated to the public?  Where do they meet?  How do you get invited to such meetings?  It’s a curiosity to me.

A code too fragile to face adversity is no code at all.

Here is the gist of this narrative.  If you are “politically correct” you basically stand for nothing.  How can you?  Your “standard” cannot sustain itself; again, what is acceptable today, what meets your standard based on what is in today’s “acceptable” column, may not be politically correct tomorrow.  Which means what you proudly stood for yesterday is found repugnant by your senses today.  In the PC world there is no absolute truth, only personal perception based on personal and often petty and self-serving desires, which means you must shift your standard left or right to remain politically correct.  A standard that can be uprooted by a slight wind is no standard at all.  Truth today is not truth tomorrow.  What is good today may be evil tomorrow and, most disturbing, what is truly evil today is praised tomorrow as indulging in choices you can be proud of. (Isaiah 5:20)

Barring man’s law, which is often self-serving and unjust, I believe in a moral absolute.  Your disbelief in a moral absolute is irrelevant, it is a hard and unforgiving fact that is not altered by personal choice.  I also believe we, as a society, have willfully allowed, and often times intentionally implemented, the decay of the moral absolute.  By proclaiming a moral absolute, I have just offended all those people who choose to be offended by the truth; it’s not that what I said is wrong, it’s the truth that is offensive.  And sometimes, if one person says or does it, it’s bad, but if another person says or does the same thing, perhaps someone rooted in the PC culture, it’s OK and even praised; this alone should clearly demonstrate how misguided it all is, but it doesn’t.  It’s an oddity at best.  I refuse, with God’s consistent help, to live by a false standard that can shift based on the arbitrary and unstable entries in the “acceptable” and “unacceptable” columns; I will endeavor, again with God’s consistent help, to proclaim the truth that so often appears in the “Unacceptable and Avoid at all Cost” columns.

I believe political correctness is a cancer that has infested the moral fiber of our society.  Before I go on, I want to make a couple of things clear.  I am not an academic, I am not a physician, psychologist, sociologist, philosopher or theologian by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  I am just a man with life experiences, experiences that often count for more than any coveted college degree or certification.  My life experiences tell me that much emphasis is placed on mental health and how poor mental health can adversely affect a person’s physical condition; this is all true.  However, I also believe a vibrant and strong mental function is dependent on moral and spiritual absolutes.  If a person lacks a moral absolute or has a weak spiritual foundation, then they may fall prey to mental and physical disorders.

Some will see the last two paragraphs as hate speech and will condemn me for it. Another quick sidebar: Take just one moment and honesty debate with yourself this conundrum.  Why is it hate speech if I, based on my personal beliefs, question what some see as an acceptable life choice, but it is not hate speech when others, based on their personal beliefs, question what I see as an acceptable life choice?  If your answer boils down to nothing more than, “I’m right and you are wrong” and it is all based on “your personal opinion” then I submit you are either the harbinger of hate or you know I speak truth but are too afraid to proclaim it.  Fear not.  Point of order: if you are offended by truth or your feelings are hurt by my words, I am sorry.  Don’t misunderstand, I’m not sorry you’re offended or hurt, your emotions are on you, I’m sorry you have been convinced that truth is a lie and that lies are truth.

Case in point: This current generation (much more than past generations) has been overrun with narratives that shift boundaries based on an arbitrary and obscure agenda (narratives that are altered on a whim) causing confusion, cynicism, distrust, and self-loathing.  It is not politically correct to say these past generations are fatherless, have had no mentors who demonstrate a moral stance, and is basically without a sense of self-navigation.  To tell a person they have no ability to self-navigate is offensive, it is not politically correct, but that does not mean it is not true. Our youth today are desperate for guidance, but at the same time, society is telling them nobody has the right to tell them what to do; nobody has the right to interject a moral absolute; nobody has the right to insist on accepting responsibility for personal actions.  To do so is hateful.  Many of our youth (and adults), who have swallowed the whole politically correct agenda, ridicule and belittle those who earnestly seek truth; educators across the spectrum wear down the student with a vengeance.  Educators no longer educate, they no longer teach an ability to debate and discuss, they indoctrinate.  Is it any wonder we have a lost generation?  (Isaiah 5:13) All of this so we do not offend.  To clarify, am I saying every fatherless or motherless child is destined to be morally inept?  Absolutely not, I’ve known far too many single parents who live and teach a moral life to their children. But, what I am saying is when you discredit, without thought of moral consequence and for the sake of being accepted by the politically correct populace, the value of a dual parent household or discredit a moral or spiritual foundation you do a discredit to the cumulative value of an upbringing; there will be a missing component.

Let’s move on.  Do not concern yourself with the feelings of others so long as you speak the truth.  If you have spoken truth, and you speak without being abrasive or toxic, and it offends, it is truth that offends, not you.  Never lower or set aside your standards or violate your code of honor or code of conduct in order to sooth the feelings of those too weak to bare the truth.  It is a mandate of any moral code to speak the truth when truth needs to be spoken.  It is not your problem if a person cannot handle or does not want to hear the truth. (Psalm 119:165)

Political correctness is a grandiose and misguided venture to never offend anyone.  If it is your intent to never offend anyone, then you will live your life as a hermit in a cave never interacting with anyone.  And of course, there will be those who will wish to end your hermit existence because they are offended by hermits.

Live by a moral code of absolutes.  Absolutes are written into our soul; absolutes that are ultimately and immutably defined by God.  To deny them, to intentionally turn your back on them for the sake of a PC mantra, invites the cancer of moral decay.  Unchecked, this cancer will spread into every fiber of our existence and destroy our relationships, our families, our lives, our personality, and in the end our souls will perish (Romans 2:8).  Never intentionally lower your standards, never alter your inscribed code, do what is right based on God’s absolute truth, not based on what does or does not offend.  Hold firm to Godly principles, embrace and abide by the hard truth of right and wrong.  Will we succeed every time a choice of right or wrong confronts us?  No, but do not filter your failure through a PC mantra in order to turn it into something to be relished, don’t accept wrong because it’s easier, accept responsibility for your actions and learn from them.  Eventually, some will want to know the truth and they will seek you out because you will be the only one with the courage to speak it.

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