The New Norm

It’s now 2022 and the buzz phrase of the day is “The New Norm.” Its most recent application is used to identify the many changes in our daily lives brought on by the, all too often falsely focused, attempts to mitigate COVID. But things have been changing for a long time. Look at what is acceptable behavior today and compare it to similar behavior from 60, 40, 20, or even 10 years ago. If you are still able to visualize and be persuaded by truth, you will acknowledge significant differences and slowly creeping changes that are proving detrimental to society. Analyzing the differences will reveal to you the damage done by the “new normal” adopted by our society. There are some cities in this nation that no longer consider certain felonies a crime and will refuse to prosecute; this is an open door to anarchy. An ID is required to buy a pack of cigarettes, but asking for an ID to practice a most precious right of citizenship is considered racist. Fact is, it is not racist but using the term “racist” is a sure fire way to get what you want. Another fun fact, it is easier to defraud and circumvent when IDs are not required and we willingly accept this as the “new norm.” I challenge you to identify any behavioral change, at the social level, that has improved society as a whole.

COVID has changed what we do, but has had little to do with a change in who we are. COVID has had nothing to do with the decline in honor, integrity, compassion, and respect. Before you go all “social justice” on me, I’m not saying these attributes are dead in us all as individuals. I know far too many honorable and compassionate people to believe that. But, these people are not the norm and sometimes it takes a little effort to seek them out. A sure way to find a person of honor is to look for anyone ridiculed for doing the right thing. It’s easy to find people who talk it, hard to find those who live it. Those who easily and eloquently talk honor and integrity often show a distinct inability to practice honor and integrity when pressed into service. A distinct indicator that shines a bright light on those who lack any level of integrity are those who condemn a person based on an action committed and then praise a different person who does the very same thing. Do they think we are blind and do not see. If you do not see, it is because you decide to turn a blind eye and pretend all is well. If you condemn an action, then ignore the same action when your role model does it, then you should consider that a trait to analyze and re-evaluate.

Far too often the role models for our youth are fictional super heroes whose powers come from CGI or sports superstars who, when removed from the arena, fall short and are found wanting. Those who pursues honor, integrity and compassion and teaches the same are not only ignored, they are often sought out and ridiculed by the woke culture.

You cannot accept a “new norm” and live by a code, the two contradict each other. If you live your life based on a true “code” of honor, integrity, and compassion then chances are, more often than not, you abide alone. But, you cannot always abide alone, you must seek out like minded people who live by a similar code so you can support and encourage each other when the “new normal” presses in and attempts to force changes that are contradictory to your sworn code. Standing against tyranny is a group effort, a single entity will fail with time.

You cannot stand alone against the Woke Culture.

Often times, to abide by your code, you must not only walk alone but be content to do so; you must be comfortable with a life detached from what society offers. Many, once they sense you abide by a code, will do everything they can to break you down, ridicule you, embarrass you, and shame you. Why? Because if they can break you down, and see you go against your chosen path under pressure, it justifies and vindicates their failures and shifts the light that highlights their faults away from them. To see a person stand firm to their values in the face of adversity – whether those values be a belief in God, a belief in a high moral standard, or a refusal to see a lie as truth or see evil as good – is something today’s “normal” cannot abide. All too often if, after extreme effort, they cannot break you they bring false testimony against you and let loose the trolls of propaganda.

If you refuse to see evil as anything other than evil, then today’s “normal” will label you as deplorable, despicable, unworthy, and a blot on the utopia so many believe they live in.

So, if you live your life based on a high moral value (yesterday’s value, not today’s) then expect troubled times, expect to be hated, expect to see the “new normal” suffocate your surroundings. The “woke and cancel” culture will make you their next focused target. Seek out like minded people and associate yourself with them. Dissociate yourself from those who see your code as something to attack. Disassociate yourself from those who see evil as good and see good as evil. Standing firm will win some over but most will never accept the possibility they could be wrong; even when wrong stares them in the face.

And most important, do not hide your code, allow it to be a beacon so those of like mind can find you. Your beacon will draw in the trolls, but it will also summon the allies.

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