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Retired Armed Forces and a lifelong rider of the iron horse. The solitude of riding is a freedom that cannot be explained. During a ride down the endless road there are two things to do; think and look for State Troopers. It’s the thoughts that will appear here.

How Did We Get Here?

I was reading an article last night about home and personal protection and, after reading it, wondered how we have come to where we are now. The Constitution never gave the Government the responsibility for your personal protection. It did, … Continue reading

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Some Mistakes are Worth Making

Follow US Route 16 (US 20 | SR 789) for 101 miles to US Route 26… that’s what the directions said. I had no reason to doubt the directions because I was the one who spent an untold number of … Continue reading

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Is Riding a Motorcycle Dangerous?

Before I start I will say I am an avid rider and have been for years so it’s possible this collection of thoughts are biased. I’ll answer the question up front.  Is riding a motorcycle dangerous?  The answer is yes, … Continue reading

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Life’s Objectives

Ask anyone what their objective of life is and the number of different responses will equal the number of people you ask. Regardless of your objective, is it attainable? Who sets the mark for your goal and, when set, how … Continue reading

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Like Gnats on a Fruit Farm

I’ve not written a blog article for a very long time; been busy. Lots of things rolling through my head that are screaming to get out; mainly dealing with the condition of our society. Sadly, articles about the condition of … Continue reading

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The Evil That Was The Holocaust—Where Did It Go?

For a number of years I have been fascinated by the Holocaust that played itself out under the rule of the Third Reich during WWII. Not fascinated in an entertainment sort of way but rather a curiosity of how something … Continue reading

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1001, 1002, 1003

Originally posted to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Blogspot on May 6th, 2015. The time it took for you to read the title of this blog, roughly 3 seconds, is all the time needed to lose your life. A couple of … Continue reading

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