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1001, 1002, 1003

Originally posted to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Blogspot on May 6th, 2015. The time it took for you to read the title of this blog, roughly 3 seconds, is all the time needed to lose your life. A couple of … Continue reading

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Honesty, Integrity, Generosity and Compassion

These are four attributes many claim to have, but, if all were revealed, may not be the case. It is easy to give “lip service” to these and, unless someone sees what you do when no one is looking, many … Continue reading

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December 29th, 1890 – 124 years ago today.

One hundred and twenty four years ago today (DEC 29th 1890) 150 Native Americans were shot dead at Wounded Knee. Some historians estimate the number killed at twice that amount. There is little debate over the fact that regardless of … Continue reading

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The Object of my Dejection Part 2

If you read “The Object of My Dejection” posted a few days ago you discovered it was a two part narrative. I have been told that, as a way to bring readers back, to leave the audience hanging. Not sure … Continue reading

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The Object of My Dejection

For whatever the reason, I think most guys want to rebuild a classic car. Whether that project results in a hotrod or a refurbishment into an original rendition is irrelevant. I’m no different. I have always wanted to rebuild a … Continue reading

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