1001, 1002, 1003

Originally posted to the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Blogspot on May 6th, 2015. The time it took for you to read the title of this blog, roughly 3 seconds, is all the time needed to lose your life. A couple of years ago I was in Rapid City, SD headed to Hot Springs to visit with … Continue reading 1001, 1002, 1003

The Helmet Law – To Be or Not To Be

Since there is no law that requires people to ride motorcycles we can surmise the main reason we ride is because we want to. We can also surmise, from our own experiences, riding is risky business. We can also surmise, from all the media hype, motorcycle riding costs the States and the Insurance Companies lots … Continue reading The Helmet Law – To Be or Not To Be

The Long Haul

Why is it there are those who will ride thousands of miles on a motorcycle for no other reason than to ride? Face it; a car is more comfortable, especially during those times of inclement weather. The casual ride is easy to understand; a 50 to 200 mile ride in a day is not at … Continue reading The Long Haul

Two or Three

I own a Harley Street Glide and a Harley Tri-Glide. For those who do not know, a Street Glide has two wheels and, as demonstrated by its name, the Tri-Glide has three. For obvious reasons the Tri-Glide is more stable—I don’t fall over near as often when I ride the Tri-Glide verses when I ride the … Continue reading Two or Three

The Inevitable Crash

As we ride we know calamity is just a matter of time. Murphy’s Law says, “If you ride you will crash."  It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when and how bad.  We can take available Motorcycle Safety Foundation courses and we can ride with the right attitude. We can also … Continue reading The Inevitable Crash

The Cost of Commitment

We all associate ourselves with something. Call it a need to belong, a need for recognition, a self assurance, or just because we like the people in that particular arena. Some wear some type of indicator on their clothing or tattoo their body, or adorn their automobiles with emblems, symbols or decals portraying these associations. … Continue reading The Cost of Commitment

Words Speak Louder Than Action

Wait, that’s not right. I can say anything, but if my actions do not bear witness to my words then my words mean nothing. Sadly, sometimes our words paint us into a corner and we fail. Our words out-maneuver our intent. Other times we accept the words of others as truth without first verifying their … Continue reading Words Speak Louder Than Action

What Riding Can Do For You – Proof Provided

The riding community is a combination of every walk of life, every gender (there are two if you are unsure), every race, nationality and creed. We all ride for different and multiple reasons. The one reason that spans all walks of life is, “for the fun of it.” I’m not an overly intelligent person so … Continue reading What Riding Can Do For You – Proof Provided

Zen – Part 3

In part three of “Zen and The Art of Group Riding” we will discuss the cager. A cager is not your friend, not necessarily by design or intentional, but the fact remains. It’s hard enough to outmaneuver a cager when riding single, but riding in a group only means the cagers will find themselves in … Continue reading Zen – Part 3

Master Your Ride

Being the master of your ride is all about skill… or is it? Every rider, even the newest rider, knows how to apply the brakes and slow down or come to a complete stop, they can shift gears and twist the throttle one way or another to add speed or facilitate a slight reduction in … Continue reading Master Your Ride