Get Angry Only On Purpose

Do you find yourself getting angry when you scan through your Facebook Feed? If so, this could mean two things. One, you need to rethink your “friend” list. Side note, FaceBook friends are not really your “friends.” Some may be real friends, but most don’t even come up to the “acquaintance” bar. I’m not the type to “unfriend” someone who has opposing views, but if you expect me to swallow your opposing view without benefit of debate, or refuse to debate, or are quick to initiate a personal attack because of my opposing view, then the chances of your “opinions” being deleted and you being ignored are pretty significant. Take that for what it’s worth. Second, and most important, getting angry over the stupidity of FaceBook or those who use FaceBook as a weapons platform are bad for you on so many levels. The many posts that have the intended purpose to anger are growing exponentially. Trolls step in and throw fuel on the fire just for fun; their intent is not to discuss but to make people angry then they step back and watch. Don’t play their game.

FaceBook may have started as a social network to bring people together; that ship has sunk. (Factoid – FaceBook was initially created to score the aesthetic value of women; it was referred to as “hot or not” game. A law suit shut it down so they redirected their efforts.) FaceBook has a good purpose, it allows real friends separated by distance to remain in close contact. But other applications have been applied; it is also a tool used by those who wish to implement divide, create dissension, and obscure truth. If you have not yet figured that out you have not been paying attention.

If you are easily angered then you unwittingly allow yourself to be manipulated.  We all have “buttons” that, when pushed, initiate a specific action; that’s what buttons do.  Hide your buttons. If a word, phrase, action, or attitude from others initiates your anger, shifts your focus, or narrows your scope of observation or influence then they own you. If the actions of others shift your attention to unwanted or unimportant areas, then you have given public access to your “button” that can be pushed by anyone at any time in order to control your actions or responses; they own you.

If your “public” buttons are known, one has the ability to intimidate, persuade, mislead, or manipulate you.  One can use a button to focus your attention elsewhere, allowing them free and clandestine movement in much more important areas that you would otherwise be focused on; your focus is now elsewhere so they can move about and act without you knowing their real agenda and intent. If someone pushes your anger button for no reason, it is ok to be angry, but be angry in private; refocus your attention on what is important, it could be the imposed anger is a misdirection meant to mislead and help hide their true agenda from you. Politicians do this on a regular basis.

Everyone has buttons.  The key is to know what your buttons are and hide them.  I’m not saying a hidden button cannot be pushed, it can.  If a hidden button is pushed, hide the response.  Don’t make your buttons public.  Some will push your buttons for the entertainment value only; don’t be someone’s toy.

Never let your anger be public.

It’s OK to get angry, but get angry on purpose and on your own terms. Find a private place to release your anger.

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