How Can This Be…???

I sometimes wonder by what process my wife thinks.

My wife sent me a text and asked me to stop on the way home from work and pick up a few things.  Like a good, caring husband I responded with an affirmative, but asked what was in it for me.  It’s not like I can do something like this for free; you understand I’m sure.

She responded and said, “Whatever your heart desires…” I took that as an open door so I asked for a third motorcycle. I need a third one because I only have two and I feel a third one would come in handy from time to time; again, I’m sure you can understand my premise.

Imagine my surprise when she promptly returned a text and told me, “Has to be within reason… no greed.” See, she keeps changing the rules and that is just not right. How is it they can make an open statement then, when things don’t measure up to their pre-determined expectations, they change the rules and add delimiters to the equation.

I think I am a reasonable person and possess an above average level of intelligence and reasoning ability, but this is just beyond me.

Help me out here… am I wrong?


7 thoughts on “How Can This Be…???

  1. Yes, you’re wrong…..ha, ha, ha…..the end of the text was that it’s in my job description to keep you in line! Love you, Mr. Briscoe


  2. Wait you are upset, because she said you can have third motorcycle, but that it has to be within reason?

    I fail to see the logical conundrum. I mean she said you could have the motorcycle, you already won.


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