How Will You Be Remembered?

This is an older article I wrote in 2010... but I think it still rings true today. I heard a line in a movie once that I thought was very profound, “What you do in life, echoes in eternity.” The movie was a fictional account of what an individual did while facing insurmountable odds. Some … Continue reading How Will You Be Remembered?

Who is Responsible for My Safety

Couple of problem areas to discuss today.  Stupidity should have consequences. The results of stupidity should hurt and leave a visible scar to be a constant reminder of what happens when you do stupid things. Signs are often plastered around work sites warning of potential accidents and injuries; “Watch Your Step” “Lift With Your Legs” … Continue reading Who is Responsible for My Safety

A Prelude Ignored

A recent post on FaceBook made reference to a Senator who tested positive for COVID-19 and the multitude, rather than wish the Senator well, blasted the Senator for having ready access to the COVID-19 test kit.  Several comments made reference akin to, “…my friend’s mother knows a co-worker whose cousin read an article about a … Continue reading A Prelude Ignored

“Oh Yea, well what about…!”

I’ve thought long on this, but I can’t say I’ve thought long and hard.  I’m not going to add a bunch of links to support premises listed because, as you will see if you read this, people are not interested in facts.  They want only those bits of information that support their illusion.  Will also … Continue reading “Oh Yea, well what about…!”

A Jerk – To Be or Not To Be

Traits like honor, integrity, compassion, and respect are not traits you, all of a sudden, decide to accept as personal traits on a particular day and go forth from that point on as a person worthy of being identified as owning these traits. These traits are developed and honed over time through actions and deeds … Continue reading A Jerk – To Be or Not To Be